Our Inspiration

Each encounter we have with a product or service lays the foundation
for how we perceive a brand to fit into our lives.

Brix was formed with this concept in mind.
We’re the evolution of PR beyond the traditional. Brix is a PR firm in Vancouver.
We exist to help socially innovative brands build positive narratives
with traditional press and influencers that have lasting impact.

We create effective PR and influencer marketing campaigns for technology,
startups, business and lifestyle brands that challenge industry norms.


Our Purpose

Like attracts like. We no longer look to advertisements to learn about brands. Instead, we turn to our peer groups, social media networks and individuals who we connect with, admire and trust. Brix bridges the gap between brands, traditional media and influencers to establish third-party credibility and create valued content for tailored audiences.

Brands hire us to navigate the evolving media landscape and solve business problems through strategic and creative communication, as we are not the typical PR firm.


Our Mandate

With our resources and expertise, we create scalable solutions to ensure our PR and influencer marketing services are accessible to tech, lifestyle and social enterprise startups.


Our Impact

As a certified B Corp company we envision our company and clients as a force for good. We are purpose driven and strive to achieve excellent standards and practices in social and environmental impact. As part of our B Corp mandate, we’ve instituted “Brix for Change” a quarterly program supporting not for profit causes in our community.


Our Values


We are open to new ideas, knowledge, alternate viewpoints and life lessons, but never swayed by popular opinion or peer pressure.


We seek new ways to solve problems, express ideas and communicate with others. We focus ideas into action to produce work that has an impact now and in the future.


We seek to understand others and achieve goals for the greater good. We are grateful for our crew and celebrate all successes big and small.

Our Crew

Brix works with socially innovative leaders who launch products or services that make life easier and better for people and/or the planet. We attract brands that similarly value authenticity, creativity and community.