Stephanie Modenese Brix Media Co Vancouver public relations company

Stephanie Modenese

Creative & Lead Designer

Brix’s resident Creative & Lead Designer, Stephanie Modenese, earned her stripes in the world of design working with international brands like Boston Pizza and RE/MAX. Upon being exposed to the industry, she came to realize that design can have an impact beyond aesthetics – it can be a powerful force for social change. Eager to make a difference, her passion for the intersection of design and meaningful content was affirmed by the opportunity to work with the socially innovative clients of Brix.

Stephanie’s work acknowledges the kinetic bond between communication and design, which results in visually striking, thought-provoking material. As a current member of the GDC, Stephanie is always open to discovering new ways to communicate and continuously aims to impact Vancouver’s ever-growing hub of art and design.

Stephanie grew up a small town girl in Mission, B.C, where she pursued 15 years of competitive figure skating. When she’s not working on design projects you can find her on the ice, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or devouring new music to add to her ever-growing collection. Stephanie graduated from BCIT’s widely recognized school of technology with distinction.