Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Our Purpose: With its annual fundraising gala taking place in February 2015, FWE wanted to build media buzz around its “Get Social” themed event and spread national attention around grant opportunities for its E-Series ‘mini-MBA’ program, targeted at female entrepreneurs in rural parts of Canada.

Our Approach: Brix supported the promotion of the gala by inviting local business and technology media outlets to the event, placing emphasis on how social media is a powerful tool for a budding business. Following the gala, Brix reached out to national and rural media outlets to spread the word on 23 grant applications for FWE’s E-series program raised through the fundraising efforts.

Our Impact: FWE exceeded its goal raising $215,000 at the ‘Get Social’ gala and 23 grants were made available to provide education and mentorship to women across Canada for the 2015 E-series program.  FWE also saw an increase in grant applications. Cross Canada media features included BC Business, Business in Vancouver, Networking in Vancouver, Radio NL, the Revelstoke Current, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and the Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune.