Jenn McNaughton


Social Handle(s) / @ethcsofstyl
Blog /
Area of Influence: Fashion, Beauty & Design
Audience DNA / International—ranges from Canada and US to England, Germany and Doha. Young—primarily female—based readership, actively immersed in digital consumer culture.
Content Style / Photo diaries and personal style posts/photographs are chic at their core with influences of minimalism. Overall layout is quite modern, appealing to a more urban aesthetic. Overall goal is to inspire a ‘less is more’ attitude, remaining authentic to personal ideals while open to adaptation of said ethics. Given my journalism background, content is approached with an editorially driven perspective, incorporating trend reports, runway reviews, brand research, etc.
Interests / Journalism (albeit my choice of study), feminism & feminist advocacy, film, design (be it interior, fashion, or visual art), travelling & writing.
Hometown / Toronto, ON
Home away from home / My physical state resides in Toronto, while my mental roams New York.
Causes I support / Canadian Women’s Foundation, ALS Society of Ontario and veganism from a health-conscious standpoint.
Can’t live without / iPhone, liquid eyeliner and hot sauce are my classified basic survival needs. Not a day I’m without a winged eye, nor a meal without Frank’s.