Our purpose /
Developed to problem-solve founder Paul Underhill’s dietary needs as a result of living with Cystic Fibrosis, his creation, Rumble, was picking up speed after a successful appearance on Dragon’s Den. Our aim was to introduce the protein beverage to the Canadian market.

Our approach /
Details on the investment deals from the Dragons were offered to the press as an embargoed exclusive, which helped secure several pieces of coverage within the first week of launching. Phase two was focused on a campaign highlighting Paul’s personal story of survival, which led to the genesis of Rumble.

Our Impact /
In a two-month period, the story of Rumble reached an audience of one million and entered into the U.S. market not long afterwards. National features included Globe and Mail, National Post, and BNN.

List of services provided

  • Media & Influencer Relations
  • Design & Creative