Suzanne Zilkowsky


Social Handle(s): Instagram: @vancouverhealthcoach
Twitter: @vanhealthcoach Facebook: Vancouver Health Coach Area of Influence / Stress, nutrition, fitness/exercise, mindfulness, holistic health, health coaching
Audience DNA / 25-34 years: 33%, 18-24 years: 27%, 35-44 years: 15%, 45% female, 54% male
Content Style / Rich and informative/educational
Interests / -stress, M.B.S.R, psychology, yoga, exercise, health and wellbeing, food, mindfulness, positive change and longevity around health and wellbeing
Hometown / Vancouver
Home away from home / Maui, Hawaii or Sechelt, B.C
Causes I support / Anything animal related (Animal testing, animal cruelty, anti-industrial farming), stopping global sex trafficking, slow food movement.
Can’t live without / My yoga practice
Agency of representation / None