TIO Networks

Our Purpose / Operating from behind the scenes since the early 2000’s TIO Networks has steadily become one of North America’s largest bill payment processors. Moving from a B2B perspective and into a consumer facing market, TIO needed help broadcasting its success and reaching the growing underbanked population.

Our Approach / Brix created specific PR campaigns and media angles unique to each of TIO’s target markets. In addition, visual assets including video and infographics were created to simplify the message behind TIO and its services.

Our Impact / TIO has grown substantially through three successful acquisitions in the past two years and continues to be featured prominently in outlets such as BNN, Yahoo! Finance, GigaOM, American Banker, along with a number of regional, industry trade publications and market journals.

List of services provided

  • Media & Influencer Relations
  • Digital & Social Media Strategy
  • Thought Leadership Strategy
  • Design & Creative