Content/Campaign Collaborations

We identify partnership opportunities with bloggers and influencers who are engaging the audiences you want to reach. We facilitate creative content collaborations both short and long-term that respect both the brand’s objective and the influencer’s personal style and aesthetic.

Blogger Ambassador Programs

We identify like-minded bloggers and influencers who connect with your target consumer. We help facilitate long-term relationships with these influencers that results in impactful exposure and ongoing revenue generation on both sides.

Sponsored Posts & Native Advertising

Guaranteed content placement whether it’s on mainstream or social media channels allows brands to control their message, aesthetic and reach. Advancement of native advertising is progressing and can be an effective way of reliable communication to target audiences. Likewise, if the right influencer partnerships are formed, sponsored posts can lead to organic growth on social media and can help spread your brand message through other influential third parties.

Affiliate Linking

Affiliate linking allows brands to sell product through social media influencers’ publishing platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, blog posts etc., and allows social media influencers to earn commission off of selling brand’s products by posting on their channels. We connect brands with appropriate influencers to facilitate linking that drives awareness and revenue.

Influencer & Blogger Relations

Brix has a curated community of bloggers and social media influencers who can add third-party credibility to PR and influencer marketing campaigns. We work to ensure collaborations are beneficial to both parties and reach audiences authentically, resulting in organic growth and sales.

Event & Campaign Endorsements

Having influential people seen at a brand event, can be leveraged for re-publishing on social media; word of mouth; heightened excitement and event turn out.  We work with influencer talent agencies and directly with our curated community to select the right talent for your event and negotiate maximum value on both sides.

Original content creation: video & photography

Brix works with a team of talented photographers and videographers who can add multi-media components to campaigns and events. We draw on our pool of eclectic content creators to recommend a style that fits best with your audience and brand aesthetic.

Infographics & digital assets

Our in-house design team is on hand to create infographics, digital assets and engaging content to be shared through traditional and new media channels.

Social Media Strategy & Amplifications

When it’s time to crank up a social campaign, we have you covered. From engaging influencers to coordinating strategic crowd postings and cross channel pollination, we know how to make an impact across platforms.