Media & Influencer Relations

We work back from your campaign objectives to create media & influencer outreach strategies that reach targeted audiences. News flow, story angle development, identifying the top press and influencer targets; and developing content that resonates, is all part of our approach.

Awards & Speaking

No matter what stage of development your business is at, earning third-party recognition through awards and speaking builds credibility amongst investors, consumers and industry peers. We customize databases of awards and speaking opportunities that are tailored to your niche and take care of submissions, and logistics. Presentation coaching and speech writing is also offered for CEOs and thought leaders looking to improve their public persona.

Event PR

From creative concept development, to logistics planning, and event execution, our team of Event PR specialists will guarantee a seamless guest experience from start to finish. Worried about event turnout or getting the right people in the room? We build customized lists of press, influencers and movers & shakers in niche industries while handling VIP invitations, RSVP’s and on-site management.

Thought Leadership Strategy

Most CEOs, executives and team leaders have a unique area of expertise and a perspective that is relevant to their industry, customers, peers or niche audiences. Our thought-leadership strategists identify the areas that will build your credibility and win you a shared voice with the media and general public.

Media Training / Public Speaking

Before we start booking you regular appearances on broadcast or interviews with top tier publications, it’s best that you know how to take control of an interview. Our team of former journalists and public relations experts will teach you the tricks of the trade while helping you carve out a personal style that will endear the audience you’re trying to connect with.

Crisis Management

Mess up, fess up, dress up. The formula that sets the foundation for most public relations disasters is sometimes not enough. If you’ve found your company or yourself in an unfavorable situation, it’s best to connect with our team of experts, who are trained to mitigate and repair public opinion. Of course having a prevention plan in place is always encouraged as a safer bet. We provide proactive plans that can help address a communications crisis before it happens.

Media Buying/ Advertising

Looking for strategic ad placement across traditional or new media channels? Brix leverages both traditional and new media to get creative with your ad spend and ensure maximum exposure amongst niche audiences.

Digital & Social Media

Our digital team can create social media strategies for your brand that will have you engaging with target audiences across all platforms. Content and outreach can be supplemented through SEO, re-marketing, and digital ad spends.

Community Relations / Social Impact Strategies

Consumers today demand transparency and make purchase decisions based on what values they perceive a brand to embody. Brix helps both established and start-up brands assess their core values and build community and social impact strategies that align with them. Once executed, these initiatives can be a powerful public relations tool for attracting like-minded consumers.

Design & Creative

From media stunts, to press conferences, to store openings, or celebratory events, Brix will create creative concepts that gain exposure for your brand. Our in-house design team ensures seamless execution on banners, print materials, digital assets and other collateral needed for your campaign.