Monday News Recap: Week of February 20th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for February 20th


Travelling from Vancouver to Seattle could take as little as an hour in the future. Washington State is studying how to implement a high-speed train that connects the west coast cities Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. The research will determine if the multi-billion dollar service is even worth constructing and scheduled to be presented no later than December 2017. 


If you’re an international student, come to Canada! The 2017 QS Best Student City released the top destinations for international students and Montreal ranked first above Paris and London. The top destinations were chosen by affordability, student mix, employer activity and desirability. Vancouver is the only other Canadian city to make the list landing in the 10th spot.


President Trump attended a rally in Melbourne, Florida where he continued his usual ramblings about terrorism abroad. This time, he mentioned the terrorist attack in Sweden, which he used towards his anti-immigration campaign. Sweden among the rest of the world was immediately confused because no such attack existed. Trump later mentioned he received this information from a Fox News report because who needs an intelligence agency when you have cable, right?


The half-brother of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was assassinated in Malaysia earlier last week after a strange turn of events. Kim Jong-nam was walking near a Starbucks when two female assassins approached; one distracted the estranged brother while the other sprayed liquid in his face. The brother passed away shortly after on the way to the hospital. The assailant was arrested and said she was paid to do a hidden camera prank show where they spray unsuspecting people in the face with water but for Kim Jong-nam the liquid was switched with poison.


Dubai is planning to release their fleet of self-flying taxis as early as July. These four-legged drones have eight propellers and can seat a passenger weighing up to 220lbs. By entering the destination on a touchscreen the drone will whisk the occupant away at speeds up to 160km per hour. So far, 180 of the Chinese made vehicles have been tested in Dubai’s aerospace.


Scientists are on the verge or resurrecting the prehistoric Wooly Mammoth within the next seven years. Using the embryo from an Asian elephant as the template, they can modify it with extracted genetic information from the extinct mammal to create an almost exact DNA pattern. The question remains whether reintroducing a prehistoric animal to an ecosystem will be beneficial or detrimental. Meanwhile, we’re all just waiting for Jurassic Park to open.


Harrison Ford accidentally landed his plane on the wrong runway nearly causing a crash. Harrison realized something was off when he flew over a Boeing 737 on the taxiway. He was recorded on the flight traffic controller’s radio saying, “ Was that airliner supposed to be beneath me?” The Starwars alumni previously crashed a plane into a golf course in 2015; he sustained heavy injuries while having no recollection of how it happened. It’s about time Han Solo let someone else fly the Millennial Falcon.


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Cale Boudreau