Monday News Recap: Week of February 13th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for February 13th


Vancouver residents have been feeling the chill of winter with multiple snowstorms that hit the lower mainland and surrounding regions over the week. The unusual surplus of snow caused schools to shut down, power outages and traffic jams. Now here’s the good news, the worst is behind and we can finally return to our regularly scheduled rain.


In Oshawa, Ont., a police officer was called to bust a gang fight but he found himself busting a move instead. Officer Jarrod Singh arrived on the scene and realized they were just local students filming a music video with breakdancing. The officer graciously schooled the kids with his pop-locking moves and the video quickly turned him into a viral sensation. It turns out the officer was in a dance troupe prior to joining the police force. Just another example of the amazing police we have here in Canada.


President Donald Trump had his first meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau to reinforce the bond between Canada and US in his coming term. The talks included renegotiating NAFTA, increasing support for female entrepreneurs and working together to improve economic ties. It’s also a good sign when Trudeau can resist Donald Trumps unusually aggressive handshakes.


Over the weekend, North Korea exercised a ballistic missile test which signified a major step toward their intercontinental capabilities. It came at a time when President Donald Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe which some speculate was a show of power from North Korea. President Trump has expressed his concern over the hostile nation by calling them a “big big problem”, during a press conference.


Netflix engineers developed a mind control gadget that uses brain waves to help browse the streaming service. The project called Mindflix appeared during Netflix’s hackathon in January. Employees took a device originally designed for meditation and hacked it so users can enjoy Netflix hands-free. While it will most likely never be sold to market, it is a stellar example of how lazy we’ve become!


There is now a song that is scientifically proven to make babies laugh with pleasure. Researchers studied the effects of various sounds that babies found enjoyable in order to create the perfect baby song. To do this they hired Grammy award winning artist Imogen Heap to produce the track. The final result was tested in front of 20 babies and they saw overwhelming happiness from the group. Maybe I should play this instead of singing my usual off-key twinkle, twinkle little star rendition.


Lady Gaga is on top after rocking the Super Bowl half-time show and announcing her world tour but she found herself defending against body shaming. After people expressed negative words on social media about her stomach, Gaga responded by posting a picture on Instagram with captions saying, “I’m proud of my body and you should be too. No matter who you are or what you do”. It goes to show people will complain about anything because Lady Gaga has a fantastic figure.


Don’t forget to treat your loved ones for Valentines Day!

Cale Boudreau