Monday News Recap: Week of February 6th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for February 6th:


A Vancouver startup is hoping to bring an Uber-like experience to the city while working within the same regulations taxi companies have to follow. Ripe Rides applied for 150 taxi licenses with hopes to launch their second app Ripe Tx that will connect users with taxi’s using the same features as Uber. Even though we can’t have Uber (yet) the disruption of ride services are coming full steam.


For all you hopeless romantics looking for love head to Grand Prairie, Alberta! published its annual list of Canada’s top romantic cities based on the sales of romance novels, movies, relationship books and sexual wellness products. While Victoria, BC grabbed the top spot for the fifth year in a row, Grand Prairie landed as the fourth most romantic city. It’s surprising for such a small town but people clearly want some hot romance for those cold winter nights.


Kellyanne Conway, the key advisor to President Donald Trump, graciously provided some more ‘alternative facts’ when she spoke to MSNBC last week. To justify the controversial travel ban toward Muslim-majority countries, she slammed the media for not covering the Bowling Green Massacre. There is one problem though; there was never a massacre in Bowling Green. She later tweeted that she meant “Bowling Green terrorists” referring to two refugees who were arrested for plotting to send money and weapons back home to Iraqi insurgents. Twitter was quick to point out the latter statement wouldn’t have made sense in her original comment.


Tensions are mounting in Eastern Ukraine after a week of shelling from Russian-backed rebels that claimed the lives of at least 12 Ukrainian soldiers. The town of Avdiivka fell under fire late last weekend and continued until Wednesday, the siege knocked out vital power stations forcing civilians to evacuate the city. The U.N. Security Council expressed their concern over the deterioration of Eastern Ukraine calling for an end to the violence.


Selfies are about to be taken to new heights, literally. Airselfie is a phone case with a mini built-in drone that can hover for up to three minutes to take the perfect photo. Forget the selfie stick, this drone comes equipped with an HD camera and is controlled remotely from a smartphone. It was only a matter of time before technology brought us to this point.


Engineers created “the holy grail of aerial robotics” with Bat Bot! By studying the biology of bats, researchers built a lightweight robotic flier to mimic their unique movement patterns. Bats have more than 40 joints in their wings that allow for precise control over their flight patterns. The Bat Bot has nine of those key joints which allow the robot to cruise, dive and bank turn on a whim.


It looks like the Beyhive just grew by two. Beyonce announced that she is pregnant with twins and of course Twitter exploded shortly thereafter. Queen Bey posted a maternity photo on Instagram welcoming the new additions to the Carter family, within 45 minutes “twins” became the top trending topic. At this point Beyonce can sneeze and it will make world news.


How Tom Brady feels today:


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