Monday News Recap: Week of January 23rd

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for January 23rd:


The developer of Trump tower is suing the contractor for essentially being lazy and not checking their work. The suit claims the contractor delayed construction by failing to have a proper schedule, supervision of workers and even installing broken appliances. Sounds like a Trump product to me.


The average Canadian now owes nearly $22,000 in non-mortgage debt says TransUnion. While credit card remains fairly low, it’s the increased use of instalment loans that has Canadian’s growing their debt levels.


Okay, where to begin. Trump’s first official week in office, let’s recap what’s happened in the last 24-48 hours shall we? He’s already signed an executive order to withdraw from TPP, wants to renegotiate NAFTA, Wikileaks is on the hunt for his tax returns, ethics lawyers are filing a lawsuit over his foreign business dealings, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a giant lying screaming man-baby and I hate him already. That’s just a sampling; however, there’s good news. The Women’s March is believed to be the largest demonstration in the US ever!


The WHO (not the band) are ramping up monitoring for Avian flu, concerned that another epidemic may take place similar to the outbreak in 2009. There have been 40 countries that have listed some form of Avian flu so far, with more expected as the new genetically altered flu makes its way around the globe.


Tesla has made a definitive statement that you can expect to see radical changes in their vehicles every 12-18 months. Meaning Tesla is now the Apple of automobiles, you’ll be trading in that Model 3 for the latest version every year! No word on whether the next model will come with wireless earbuds.


A new study has suggested that balding can be linked to prostate cancer. The study suggests men who suffer from balding will also have a higher risk of prostate cancer, due to both being linked to high levels of testosterone. So that’s why the captain of the football team always ends up being that overweight bald guy by age 40, too much testosterone…GO TIGERS!


Aziz Ansari hosted SNL over the weekend, and his 10 minute opener was great. He coined the phrase the “lower case kkk” for the casual racists that have popped up since Trump and suggested Trump is the “Chris Brown of politics” with many supporters ignoring the personal stuff and just here for the music.


I’m just gonna leave this here:

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