Monday News Recap: Week of January 2nd


Happy new year! Here’s the very first weekly news debrief for 2017!


Here’s a weird story to kick off the new year. Over one billion litres of water have been wasted at a construction site in West Vancouver when an aquifer was breached by an inexperienced drilling team, who then fled the country! It has taken 15 months for repairs to even get to this point, which apparently is incredibly complex, and water is still leaking. So far it’s cost the city nearly $3M.


Now’s the time of year to watch out for potential scammers, with Canada Post warning Canadians that mail-forwarding fraud saw a big increase last year. Essentially scammers redirect your mail to new addresses, gathering information from bills and credit card statements. Although, how much mail are you actually getting these days? Scammers would just be getting my Domino’s pizza coupons and real estate junk mail.


We are T-minus 17 days from the Trump Presidential inauguration (yes this is actually happening, you didn’t get to leave that behind in 2016, decisions have consequences so enjoy this one for the next four years). Morgan Stanley is cautioning a volatile stock market in the year ahead with uncertainty in many areas of the economy.


Finland is one of the first countries to launch a universal basic income trial, giving more than 2,000 people a general monthly income of around $600 a month tax-free. UBI is being talked about as a potential globally, with programs in the Netherlands, Uganda and Canada rolling out this year as well.


What’s one piece of technology that everyone hates? The printer. With all our complex advancements in tech, the printer has remained relatively unchanged, and hated, for years. Now a new printer has appeared offering inkless printing through the use of infrared beams and could totally revamp printing. You still may have to deal with paper jams though.


New research into the incubation period of dinosaur eggs may help understand why they went extinct. It is entirely possible that it took up to six months for dino eggs to hatch, putting them at a distinct disadvantage to faster breeding animals.  This was a stroke of luck for us, imagine rush hour traffic with brontosaurus’ roaming around? Think about it.


I honestly can’t think of a better way for 2016 to have ended than with the giant Mariah Carey bomb at Times Square. I really don’t care whose fault it was, watching Mariah crash and burn with style was the physical representation of the year.


Let’s all approach the new year like this fox.


ryan tessier

Ryan Tessier is the Director of Business Development & PR at Brix Media Co., a Vancouver-based public relations firm with offices in Toronto, Canada. Brix Media Co. specializes in fashion PR and tech PR, online and influencer marketing for startups and socially-innovative companies.