Monday News Recap: Week of March 20th

News Recap


What started as a simple St.Patrick’s Day promotion at a Vancouver restaurant turned into international outrage. When Railtown Cafe posted a picture of an overflowing Guinness, the picture went viral which made beer drinkers in Ireland and beyond cringe. According to Guinness the proper pour of the beer requires a 45 degree angle, filled three-quarters full then left for 90 seconds while the foam settles.


Canada is making strides to create the first spaceport near Canso, Nova Scotia. In a joint venture with several US firms, Maritime Launch Services will create a launchpad to deliver commercial satellites in orbit. The total cost will be $304 million but will be one small step for man, eh? 


Trumps revised travel ban, or travel ban 2.0, was blocked from federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland. The decision stems from previous statements made by Trump and his feelings towards Muslims which prompted the courts to regard the bill as discriminatory rather than an issue of national security. Anti-Muslim remarks made by Trump during his campaign trail in Nashville, Tennessee were quoted to support their case.


Fresh off the news of Brexit, Scotland is pushing towards a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. The first minister blames the UK governments lack of compromise over Brexit. The vote will be held between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 after the smoke settles from the European Union separation. 


Imagine wearing glasses that can adjust in seconds from near-sighted to far-sighted. A breakthrough from researchers at the University of Utah produced a prototype for liquid lensed glasses that can adjust to any eye prescription. By inputting your prescription into an app and desired focal point it can signal the glasses to form accordingly through piezoelectric pistons and flexible lenses. The downside is, however, they are ugly beyond words. 


Finally, the debate of the “five-second rule” can be laid to rest. Germ expert Anthony Hilton from Ashton University said eating food on the floor momentarily isn’t without risks but is safe overall. While he stresses to stay away from visible dirt, otherwise food is unlikely to attract harmful bacteria in seconds. Don’t hesitate to quote this when you pick up that slice of pizza that fell on the floor as your spouse frowns upon you. 


The godfather of rock and roll Chuck Berry passed away at the age of 90. The American guitarist was said to have influenced the likes of Elvis, The Beatles and Rolling Stones. He was famous for classic songs such as “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven”.


Not only is it the first day of spring but it’s national proposal day!

News Recap

Cale Boudreau