Monday News Recap: Week of March 6th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for March 6th


The prime minister came to address the illicit drug crisis affecting Vancouver on Thursday. Justin Trudeau met with first responders and healthcare workers to discuss the drug overdose crisis that claimed the lives of 922 people last year in B.C. He announced $10 million of federal funds for the province to help deal with the epidemic. 


Bus operators in Winnipeg, Manitoba are feeling concerned for their safety after a passenger threatened to stab a driver while holding an axe and brass knuckles last week. The suspect was taken into custody and will face charges.  The incident came soon after a bus driver was slain in a stabbing on Feb. 14 outside the University of Manitoba. Now, bus drivers are calling for heightened security measures to enforce a no tolerance policy towards violence.


A Georgia judge sentenced a couple to lengthy prison terms for their involvement of a confederate flag display at an African American child’s birthday party. The hate group arrived with shotguns threatening the lives of the family in 2015. The no tolerance judge gave the man, Jose Torres, 13 years and Kayla Norton six years for uttering “terroristic threats”. 


Ever wanted to become a nanny to a giant, fluffy panda? Well, if you move to China that can be a reality. The China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas offers full time employment for people to feed, clean and look after pandas around-the-clock. The job only pays 2,000 yuan (USD $290) per month, so don’t expect to get rich but on the other hand, you get to play with pandas!


Engineers in New York created a folded piece of paper. Doesn’t sound very interesting, right? The folded paper is actually a paper-based battery, a big step forward in the field of papertronics. The battery can be printed on a page and is powered through living bacteria. Paper electronics are simple to make and inexpensive, the battery is powered with bacteria, which can be found in most places such a dirty puddle.


A team of biomedical engineers created a backpack that attaches to a dragonfly that allows them to control their flight patterns.  The project known as DragonflEye can transmit signals to neurons using light, the signal tells the dragonfly where to fly on command. Now we have good reason not to trust the bugs. 


Disney’s upcoming live action remake Beauty and the Beast will feature a gay character for the first time in the studios history. LeFou is the goofy sidekick to the primary villain Gaston who will come to terms with his sexuality. Of course, the news doesn’t come without controversy. Twitter had polarizing views regarding the inclusion with some believing they are forcing narratives on the viewers. Can’t people just enjoy a movie for what it is?


Really Vancouver? More snow!?

Cale Boudreau