Monday News Recap: Week of January 16th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for January 16th:


According to a new poll, Mayor Robertson has the lowest approval rating of ten major city mayors across the country. Sitting at only 50%, Robertson also proved to be the most polarizing, with the highest percentage of residents ‘strongly supporting’ and ‘strongly opposing’ him. It’s those bikes lines I tell ya.


Our Prime Minister is in some hot water over his vacation plans during New Years. He’s being investigated by the ethics commissioner for potentially violating several conflict of interest statues for accepting flights and trips from the Aga Khan over the holiday. This makes Trudeau the first sitting Prime Minister to ever be investigated by the ethics department.


So the day nearly upon us. On Friday, Donald J. Trump will be officially sworn in as the next President of the United States. Not that anyone will be around to see it; there’s no prominent music acts, no celebrities, and a growing number of absent politicians and senators. Where is everyone? They’ll all be at the Women’s March the next day. Unless you’re a fan of Three Doors Down….they’ll be performing at the inauguration, and then go back to performing at Chuck E. Cheese, where they’ve been the house band since 2002.


As the British Prime Minister gets ready to reveal the plans for Brexit, the British Pound is at the lowest it has ever been in over 30 years. Theresa May will outline exactly how Britain will leave the EU on Tuesday, meanwhile Trump has called Brexit “a great thing” and slammed the EU as a “vehicle for Germany.” The Germans are not amused.


Following a two-year investigation, Amazon has been fined $1M for misleading Canadian consumers with false pricing. It all came down to how they allowed sellers to list ‘suggested retail pricing’, which they have since changed. Not that a $1M fine means anything to a company that made $30B last year.


A group of researchers from Pennsylvania have discovered a way to regenerate skin cells, meaning they can completely eliminate scar tissue. The trick is apparently to encourage hair regrowth first, causing the body to increase fat cells around the wound and eliminating scar tissue. 


After 146 years, the Ringling Brothers are shutting down the Greatest Show on Earth. Declining ticket sales, competition and animal rights complaints have led the company to pull the curtain on the circus. To be fair, I can’t think of anyone that has gone to the circus in 20 years, so they may have a point.


A real life Puss-n-Boots:

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