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Six Ways to Get Good At Networking

Networking Tips from a Public Relations Pro | Jennifer Maloney, CEO of Brix Media Co.

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Six Ways to get good at networking - Brix Media

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This week, a reader asks:

“I keep hearing that the ability to build good relationships is one of the traits of super-successful entrepreneurs. Is networking all it’s made out to be, and how can I get good at it?”

Here’s what the experts have to say.

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“Rather than going out and meeting a bazillion people, I think it’s more important to meet the right people and make an impression on them. Get a “hit list” of whom you want to meet and then set out to meet them. Once you make contact, trying keeping notes on that person. For instance, what is their wife’s name? What are their kids doing? What are they passionate about? I then follow up with relevant emails to keep in touch. It shows I’m interested in them, and hopefully makes me stand out the next time I see them.”
—Mandy Farmer, President and CEO, Accent Inns and Hotel Zed, Victoria

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“People who take the time to understand your value proposition and advocate for your company contribute to third-party credibility and word of mouth, which can lead to invaluable referrals. If you are not a natural connector, identify who in your company or personal networks is. Align with these people to see what value you can add to them. Maybe they are starting a new company, or looking to build on a particular skill set or life passion. Do what you can to elevate them, and they in turn will likely take an interest in your business needs as well. Having ‘connectors’ champion both you and your company will only help you prosper.”
Jennifer Maloney Adab, founder & CEO, Brix Media Co., Vancouver

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“It has been said the ‘networking is your net worth.’ Not only do people prefer to do business with people they know and trust, but networking also provides a valuable opportunity to learn from other business leaders. How do you get good at it? By getting out there and doing it. There are numerous networking events put on by a variety of sources, including Boards of Trade, industry associations and CEO and executive organizations. Attend these events not with the intent to directly sell your product or service, but rather to meet new people and ask questions about them and their business. You will develop important new relationships and gain great insight from your peers.”
John Wilson, founder and CEO, CEO Global Network, Toronto

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“Spend some time with someone you admire as a master networker. I find they are more than willing to share their tips over a glass of wine. As you refine this skill, remember that building good relationships means creating a relationship that is win-win. Be willing to give as much as you get. Be authentic about helping others with their success and they will be vested in your success.”
Phoebe Fung, proprietor, Vin Room and VR Wine, Calgary

• • • • •

“Whether you make a new contact that can elevate or amplify your business, or learn from a fellow entrepreneur, these experiences are extremely valuable. Know who you are going to be meeting and research them. Ask well-informed, intelligent questions of your peers and perhaps come up with ideas of how you can work with them.”
—Christine Faulhaber, President and CEO, Faulhaber Communications, Toronto

• • • • •

“What sets you apart? In my experience networking is about hitting the sweet spots with people. Once their confidence is won, make sure you’re ready to prove every day that nobody compares to you as an individual.”
—Mandy Renehan, Founder and CEO, Freshco, Oakville, Ont.

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