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Five Ways to Tackle Your PR and Digital Marketing Career Like Tom Brady



Nobody saw it coming. An estimated 111.3 million viewers watched with pain, elation and fear as Tom Brady, quarterbacked his way back from a 21-3 game to win the 2017 Super Bowl in what is arguably the best comeback game of all time. Falcon fans sat aghast, as a sea of white and blue bled onto the field following the winning touch down.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does the Super Bowl have to do with launching a successful career in PR and Digital Marketing? Well, not much, really, unless of course you pay attention to the game’s all-star Tom Brady. Here are five tips you can take from the five time Super Bowl champ to successfully tackle your PR and Digital Marketing career.

Be focused under pressure

PR and Digital marketing can be a highly demanding career, fraught with grand expectations, tight deadlines and interceptions that change the game plan. When pressure seems insurmountable it’s important to keep calm, take note of the situation and figure out your best play. I’ve worked on many campaigns that have ideated well and passed client approval, but then didn’t stick with the media or public when they went into play. However, after regrouping with your team, sometimes the smallest tweaks can change stir the outcome to a positive result.

Utilize your team

Brady is the quarterback, but he didn’t make the winning touchdown. That’s because his job is to know his team’s strengths and weaknesses and find the best play that will utilize each person’s position. The same goes in PR and Digital marketing. Whether you’re at a boutique PR and influencer marketing agency like Brix or a larger conglomerate, it’s important to communicate with your team and build a culture of trust. Get to understand your colleagues interests, strengths and what motivates them. Regardless of your position or rank, building strong relationships and avoiding work in silos, will help everyone advance.

Put on your game face

Going into halftime the Patriots were down 18 points and Brady and his team were feeling the crunch. Do you think hung his head down in the locker room and gave into the feeling of pending doom? Not a chance. There will be many times in your PR and digital marketing career that you will experience being down. You’ll lose out on client pitches, be behind on deliverables or maybe one of your colleagues gets the promotion you were hoping for. How you handle yourself in these moments will be instrumental to your career success. Are you giving into defeat or showing up as your best self? Those who do the latter will reap great rewards.

Practice makes perfect

Brady was not a first round draft pick. In fact he was sixth, but he went on to become the only quarterback to ever win five Super Bowls. He did this by working on his weaknesses and playing up his strengths. Take note, you may not be a natural at picking up the phone and pitching media, but undoubtedly someone on your team will be. Ask them to give you tips and practice. Maybe your vocabulary or writing skills aren’t as sharp as you’d like or you have trouble sharing your true thoughts in meetings. Work at forming the habits that will make you stronger. Let your supervisors and colleagues know where you want more experience and opportunity to learn. Take the initiative and keep improving. It won’t go unnoticed.

Think ahead

When Brady enters the field he has four quarters to play and one goal: to win the game. Knowing your goals and exercising foresight is equally as important in PR and Digital Marketing. Be aware of what your client’s overarching goals are and think about how you are going to achieve them. On a personal level, it’s equally important to know where you want to head in your career and what pathway you can take to get there.

Remember, entering a new field can be overwhelming, but just know others were in the same position and all it takes is the drive to succeed. Brix Media Co. is currently hiring for an account manager and research coordinator. Think you have what it takes? Submit your resume to yourfriends@brixmediaco.com. If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch!