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Monday News Recap: Week of February 27th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for February 27.


The City of Vancouver received a lot of backlash from its new redesigned logo that cost $8,000. The design community within the city created an open letter criticizing the simplistic font and design that fails to represent Vancouver’s culture and diversity. Many took to social media to show nearly identical concepts they created on Microsoft word in 10 minutes, which makes us wonder how that costs $8,000?


Canada experienced a major spike in tourism over the past year. The tourism office reports that in 2016, 20-million international travellers visited our great land, which was 17 per cent increase from 2015, and the highest in 14 years. Many of these travellers were reported to be from US, which begs the question is President Trump accidentally making Canada great again?


The Trump administration is moving to revoke federal guidelines that allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their chosen identity. Sean Spicer spoke on Wednesday that the previous Obama-era regulations were confusing and hard to implement and therefore need to be removed. News of the change sparked outrage in the transgender community due to the potential for discrimination they will face.


The president of Iceland had some rather strong words towards pineapple pizza. When speaking to high school students, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson expressed that he was “fundamentally opposed” to pineapples on pizza. He went on to explain that if he could, he would ban the controversial pizza topping. Of course, many on Twitter took this to heart leaving scathing reactions to the president’s opinion. He had to since clarify that he will not be placing any bans on tropical pizza toppings.


Now almond milk can be made from the comfort of your home in 30 seconds. The Almond Cow takes pre-soaked almonds and using a coffee grinder-like system can make almond milk within seconds. One half cup of almonds will reap 1.3 liters of delicious almond milk. Funded through Kickstarter, this successful campaign raised more than $100,000.  


NASA announced a discovery that brings us closer to finding life on other planets. The nearby star called TRAPPIST-1 was uncovered along with seven Earth-like planets in its orbit. Due to their location, three of those planets were deemed hopeful candidates to host living organisms. It’s proximity to Earth is so close that it would take us about 20 days to make the journey. It’s very possible we’re going to see E.T. within our lifetimes.


TV and Film actor Bill Paxton passed away last week at the age of 61. The cause of death was due to complications from surgery. Bill Paxton was accredited in major movies such as Apollo 13, Titanic and Aliens and was currently starring in the CBS drama Training Day that started on February 2nd. The network hasn’t commented on whether they will continue airing the season.


Today marks National Strawberry Day and this baby turtle is pleased.