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Monday News Recap: Week of January 9th

Here’s the weekly news debrief, with things to know from around the world for January 9th:


For those that may not have heard, BBTV is making a serious push into new global marketplaces with expansions into Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. Expect to see BBTV grow substantially more in the next few years.


Alberta doesn’t seem to be recovering, or at least not nearly as fast as many predicted. Two and a half years in and the oil slump continues to hammer the province, with unemployment at a provincial high. One solution being presented is to ask for the Federal Government to invest in a sustainable fund that would encourage junior exploration and defunct oil rig clean up work.


This is a crucial week for Trump and his nominees, with his cabinet picks undergoing confirmation hearings with questions ranging from civil rights abuse allegations to Russian business ties. Trump will also hold an official press conference this week, the first since July.


North Korea has claimed they have the capability to launch nuclear missiles into the US “at any time.” So far there is no proof, and it appears the N. Koreans are waiting to see what policy changes will come into effect with Trump’s administration.


Norway will be the first country to officially kill FM radio. The country is transitioning all radio broadcasts over to digital radio, something some are saying is too soon as it will leave millions of homes and vehicles without the ability to tune in. Plans are in motion for the same to happen in Switzerland, Britain and Denmark.


The Orca that terrified you in the documentary ‘Blackfish’ has died. Tilikum the killer whale (totally intention pun) died of a bacterial infection last week. Tilikum was 36 years old and responsible for the deaths of three people.


Last night’s Golden Globes awarded La La Land all seven awards it was nominated for (I mean it’s a movie with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dancing and singing, how could that NOT be good?). Meanwhile Meryl Streep took six minutes to destroy Trump, no one does it quite like Meryl.


How I feel during the winter months: