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The Five Classic PR Blunders SME’s Make

Profit Magazine Repost | By Jennifer Maloney

Unlike sales and marketing, public relations is often a grey area for many small business owners. It’s often not until a respected advisor or board speaks to the merit of PR – or, worse, until a crisis hits – that they’ll make the decision to investigate a firm to help propel a product or service launch (or to do damage control).

While PR can be a cost-effective way to gain public awareness and third-party credibility for your business, it needs to be implemented strategically. Not all PR campaigns stick, and of those that do, not all help small businesses with their end objective.

If you are considering bringing on PR to help position your company in a positive light, or to grow your business, here are five common mistakes you will want to avoid: . . .

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Six Signs Your Business is Ready for PR

Public relations can invoke trepidation in entrepreneurs, but the right strategy can yield big benefits for your business, says Jennifer Maloney

A well-played PR campaign can magnify a company’s voice and solicit valuable brand evangelists. On the flip side, a poorly executed campaign can bring little to no return on what is often a significant investment for small businesses. Before you call up the press, here are six questions you should be ready to confidently answer.  . . .